1. Surfers Skaters Paradise. Qld

  2. Pottsville NSW

  3. Scooter

    Pottsville Medical Centre.

  4. Sentry

  5. Surfers Paradise

    August 2014

  6. Yellow Shutters & Abandoned Furniture

  7. Mullumbimby. NSW

    With great debt to flexaretcetera and his MiniMe shot.

  8. Mullumbimby Verde


  9. Shoot thru Windows

    Bay Lane Byron Bay

  10. Zorro.

  11.  In all weathers

    endures our nation building mirror

    its rust reflects our soil

    and its corrugations

    becomes our dirt tracks

    'Watcha 'ands boof 'ead' shouts the boss,

    moments after the apprentice

     slices up his fingers, like he did

    like his father

    and so on.

    This iron is our default

    build anything with it

    even new houses (pay a bloody fortune for it now!)

    Yet it sits in piles

    brooding, waiting

    A farmer told me I was welcome to photograph it

    but I had to take it with me when I left.

    But I’ve no use for it now…too old I suppose

    too gentrified 

    too tame.

  12. Dropsticks

  13. Pandanus trees are weird.

    Main Beach Byron Bay

  14. This Is Church

    Township Drive

    Burleigh Heads

  15. Sunday Afternoon

    Surfers Paradise. Gold Coast