1. White Shirt On Grey Street.

    Brisbane. 2014

  2. Albert Street.

    Brisbane QLD

  3. Groomed

    Surfers Paradise 2014

  4. xpro1tindrum:


    Many thanks to biutifulpics for trawling through the archives to find the Sand Tractor

  5. When I’m shooting in the street, I indulge my whimsy. Shoot anything..don’t think.

    Behold my ‘Thoughtless Whimsy Triptych”

  6. LifeGuard Tower

    Surfers Paradise

  7. Early Morning Silhouettes.

    Surfers Paradise. Qld


  8. Surfers Paradise 
    Sept. 2014

    Finished in Analog Efex2

  9. DIY Halo

  10. Surfers Skaters Paradise. Qld

  11. Pottsville NSW

  12. Scooter

    Pottsville Medical Centre.

  13. Sentry

  14. Surfers Paradise

    August 2014

  15. Yellow Shutters & Abandoned Furniture